1Hijacking the Eye
A guide to the ferment of ideas in the modern world.
2A Vasarelian world
Op Art and planetary folklore.
3Bookish and Arty
The genesis of a cover concept in the cut-up culture of the 1960s.
4Camus & Co.
Geometric abstraction and the first set of ten Fontana Modern Masters in 1970-71.
5A note on the text
Formula One, Letraset and a second set of Fontana Modern Masters in 1971-73.
6Art in time and space
Oliver Bevan's kinetic paintings and a third set of Modern Masters in 1973-74.
7Sartre à Barthes mais plus ça change
More of the same, but different, with cover art by James Lowe in 1975-84.
8Fontana redux
Modern Masters in the twenty-first century, remixed by Jamie Shovlin.
9Art Again
Your chance to own a limited edition signed print of Oliver Bevan's original painting.
Modern Masters
A list of published and forthcoming titles.
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