Thanks to Oliver Bevan and Jamie Shovlin for permission to use images of their work on this website, and to Oliver for the Fontana Modern Masters poster and Jamie for images of the Adorno cover and Acrylic Variations Colour Wheel.

Also thanks to John Constable, Art Director at Fontana Books 1965-74; Julia Watson, Publicity & Marketing Manager at Fontana Books 1969-73; Mike Dempsey, Art Director at Fontana Books 1974-79; and James Lowe, Fontana Modern Masters cover artist 1975-84, for taking the time to share their stories.

Finally thanks to John Walters at Eye magazine and Richard Storey at the Royal West of England Academy of Art for space in their respective magazines.

Eye Magazine, Winter 2009 The Shape of the Century, 1/3 The Shape of the Century, 2/3 The Shape of the Century, 3/3
The Shape of the Century, Eye Magazine, 2009.

RWA Magazine, Autumn 2012 In Search of Utopia, 1/2 In Search of Utopia, 2/2
Oliver Bevan: In Search of Utopia, RWA Magazine, 2012.
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