9. Art Again

Your chance to own a limited edition signed print of Oliver Bevan's original painting.

The Fontana Modern Masters were great if you loved deep thinking and even
better if you loved great art, with the first ten covers forming a cut-up of Oliver Bevan's Cascade. Now, over forty years later, the artist has released Cascade
as a limited edition signed print.

'Cascade' by Oliver Bevan
Oliver Bevan, Cascade. Giclée print, 40 x 56 cm. Edition of 75.
Bevan has described the dynamics of the painting as a kind of 'faint vibration'. Its hard-edged geometry and saturated colours produce a subtle flickering of figure and ground which the artist Josef Albers, in his classic Interaction of Color, called 'the discrepancy between physical fact and psychic effect'. Cascade is Op Art at full pitch and its cover story makes it a great conversation piece, so if you're a fan
of the books or optical art you can now own a piece of publishing history.

Cascade is signed and numbered by Oliver Bevan and is available framed, glazed and ready-to-hang. To find out more please contact us »