6. Sartre à Barthes mais plus ça change

More of the same, but different, with cover art by James Lowe in 1975-84.

Under Mike Dempsey's art direction the covers of the Fontana Modern Masters switched to a white background with cover art by James Lowe, a graduate of the Royal Academy Schools in London, who had been recommended to Dempsey by Fontana's non-fiction editor Bob Woodings. Lowe's geometric paintings and shaped canvases had been exhibited in Young Contemporaries at the Tate Gallery in 1967 and several exhibitions at the Redfern Gallery on Cork Street in 1967-70.

Lowe created three sets of cover art based on triangles, squares and finally circles under a new art director, Patrick Mortimer, following Dempsey's departure in 1979. The covers gave the books a fresh new look, like a gallery of shaped
canvases on white walls.

'Sartre' by Arthur C. Danto 'Pound' by Donald Davie 'Eliot' by Stephen Spender 'Marx' by David McLellan
'Schoenberg' by Charles Rosen 'Saussure' by Jonathan Culler 'Artaud' by Martin Esslin 'Keynes' by D. E. Moggridge
Fontana Modern Masters in 1975-76, with cover art by James Lowe based on triangles.

'Gramsci' by James Joll 'Engels' by David McLellan 'Heidegger' by George Steiner
'Trotsky' by Irving Howe 'Nietzsche' by J. P. Stern 'Durkheim' by Anthony Giddens
'Pavlov' by Jeffrey A. Gray 'Klein' by Hanna Segal 'Piaget' by Margaret A. Boden
Fontana Modern Masters in 1977-79, with cover art by James Lowe based on squares.

'Evans-Pritchard' by Mary Douglas 'Darwin' by Wilma George 'Barthes' by Jonathan Culler 'Adorno' by Martin Jay
Fontana Modern Masters in 1980-84, with cover art by James Lowe based on circles.
Second and third editions of the Fontana Modern Masters in 1985-95 dispensed with cover art and added six new titles, Foucault, Derrida, Arendt, Winnicott, Lacan and Berlin. The books were now in the larger 'B' format and featured a portrait of the Master as a line drawing, or later a tinted photograph. The suspicion that Fontana's art department had closed was reinforced by a medley of serif and sans-serif typography, italics, calligraphy, block capitals and lowercase lettering.
'Foucault' by J G Merquior     'Derrida' by Christopher Norris     'Arendt' by David Watson

'Winnicott' by Adam Phillips     'Lacan' by Malcolm Bowie     'Berlin' by John Grey
Fontana Modern Masters in 1985-95.